Why have we rebranded?


What we found over the years is that no matter what sector we’re working in, our innovative ideas and storytelling abilities is what allows us to bring brands to life and get results. We tackle filmmaking with a strategic approach, focusing on the reasoning and strategy behind creating moving content. Our ability to create stories, humanise businesses and to make an emotive connection with an audience, is how the ‘Modern Day Storytellers’ was born.


We felt that our old branding was rather dated and it didn’t truly reflect the quality of work that we’re producing for our client base. We got in contact with Penta Studios who helped us come up with a strong set of brand guidelines, a new logo and a new name which helps us define our place better in the market, RLW Film was created.

We have been operating as full time business for the past 4 years now, and over those 4 years we have worked with countless clients creating engaging video content to help with their brand awareness and have a visual identity online.

After a busy end to the year in 2019 we decided heading into 2020 it was time for a makeover. Where did we begin?


Our old showreel dated back to 2017 when founder Ranald Lloyd-Williams was operating purely as a freelance creative. As we have grown over the years, so has the team and the quality of products we’re producing for our clients. We wanted to create an engaging showreel which told you in short, who we are, the quality of work we produce and how much fun it is to work with us. From showing our clients a sneak peak of this product we received the most amazing, positive feedback. What do you think?


Functionally our website works just fine, with load times of less than 2 seconds, our good friends at Pallant Digital has supported us to ensure our website is looking good and is in full working order. However, with a new rebrand comes a new style and format. They have worked closely with us to ensure our brief was met, alongside The Chichester Social who helped nail our messaging we couldn’t be happier with the result.

In the digital world it is all about evolution and adapting to the times, we’re proud to say that we’re continuously evolving and developing as a business but as also as creatives to ensure we’re creating the best product possible for our clients.

We’re looking to see how our business evolves over this year.