Video Marketing For Chichester’s Little Known Gem

Video marketing isn’t easy, but if it is done right you can get the most amazing results for your business. This was true for Chichester’s little known gem The Little Blue Door.

Project Outline – Video Marketing Project

The Little Blue Door is a nursery dedicated to developing little minds, whilst providing a home away from home. The team reached out in need of suite of video content which would aid them in scaling their business.

They had previous experience creating video content for their brand but it didn’t hit the nail on the head for them. It was time to tell the story of the nursery, little did we know what an amazing story there was to tell.

Our Approach – Video Marketing Strategy

We were invited along to the nursery to experience the day to day life for ourselves. We were astounding by the work the team were doing. It was clear to see the tremendous impact they are having on the development of the children at the nursery. Not only this, but the amazing community they have built. It is a true family experience.

Humanising businesses, this is what we’re all about. We knew this would be a perfect story to tell to spark a human connection. We put our thinking caps on and came to the conclusion we needed to interview the children! Why? Because children will tell you the truth, if you like to hear it or not. Being authentic storytellers, we knew this was the right approach.

Production Day – Video Marketing Implementation

Cameras prepped, questions written, we were ready for our two production days at The Little Blue Door and we were not disappointed. The results were even better than we expected.

Creating an environment to allow children to feel safe, to open up on camera is paramount. By keeping the numbers low and interacting with the children prior to hitting the record button, allowed us to create a comfortable environment for them to be themselves and answer our questions.

They were all fantastic, it was great to see all of their individual characters come out. It was clear to see from their answers how happy they are at The Little Blue Door. All of the children said that they get upset when they have to leave the nursery, which is testimony to the amazing work the team do.

The Result – Video Marketing Brand Film Launch

The production was completed and we were beyond excited to show the team what we had pull together.

We captured a lot of amazing moments at The Little Blue Door and couldn’t resist putting some of our favourite moments together.

The additional video marketing piece turned into a great advertising tool, it did many things…

. Spark a human connection

. Embody trust in the nursery as the kids are having a lot of fun and are very happy

. Increased brand awareness

. Shareable piece of content

. Made you smile

. Humanised the business

Future Video Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t stop there, after further discussions with the team we decided it would be a good idea to create monthly video/photo content alongside their newsletter and blogs on topics which the perspective parents would find of good use. We wanted to ensure that they kept up to date with their marketing and to not just to rely on one piece of content. Especially as they’re looking to scale. It was great to collaborate with Grant Ritchie Photography on this project who helped capture the amazing images seen on this blog post and aided in the creative direction of the project.

We couldn’t of been made more welcome by not only the staff but the children and parents too. It is clear to see how The Little Blue Door is transforming lives right in front of our eyes. If you’re looking for a nursery in Chichester then look no further.

A few kind words from The Little Blue Door team.

“Their ability to put the children, team and parents at ease whilst filming was critical to the quality of the end result, their interpretation of our (very) loose brief was spot on and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

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