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Event Professionals Journal

The Event Professionals Journal is a product of Salone Events, created by its founder, Bernadette Palombo.  The Journal had made it as a finalist in an events industry innovation programme. To aid the pitch, Bernadette knew she needed a professional commercial film – a slide deck just wouldn’t convey the benefits of this product to senior industry professionals on the judging panel.

The full pitch video demonstrated the ease with which the Journal could be applied to daily life and it also included testimonials from a pool of professionals that had beta tested the Journal.

We are pleased to announce that the commercial film made the difference to the pitch and the Event Professionals Journal is now widely available.

In collaboration with Grant Ritchie Photography


“RLW Film has been essential to my product launch. The content they have created is better than any I have ever seen, and the feedback I have had from people on it has all been outstanding. Ranald was incredibly flexible and made my life a lot easier, and the ideas they generated and delivered were amazing. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough.”


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