Canyon Creek Summer Camp

View the finished brand documentary story film below.


Because of Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek, is a summer camp based in Los Angeles, California and we’ve been working with the camp for many years.  We were commissioned to produce a documentary brand film capturing the 2019 summer camp experience of feeling safe, valued and loved.

The narrative and pace of the film, paired with lot of “to camera” interviews with campers and the camp counsellors, really showcases the beauty and wonder of camp. We managed to film and cram in so many activities, day and night events and theme activity, you can’t help but wish you were there.


“I have had the chance to work with RLW Film for the last few years and all I can say is…WOW. The content they create is nothing short of amazing. One of the best parts about RLW Film is their  unmatched work ethic that they put into every project, no matter how big or small. Can’t recommend their work more.”

We have moved!

Feel Good Films is now the new home for the modern-day storytellers at RLW Film.