Company Culture Films – Why They Work

Company culture films are the new way of marketing your business by getting your company ethos and message out there for prospective future employees.

Our working relationship with King & Drury has be going on for nearly 3 years now and they have been consistent in investing in video content. They are pioneering for change in their industry and this is really exciting to see.

We were approached to create a recruitment film to help support their rapid growth, however we had a different approach.

Why is a company culture film the best approach for a business over a recruitment film?

  • The shelf life of the product stands the test of time – a recruitment film only last as long as the job opportunities are available.
  • Gives prospective employees an insight into what the business is all about – do you have a fun, engaging work environment? A company culture film gives you the opportunity to show off the internal community the business has created
  • Brand awareness for the business – it humanises your business for potential customers, it is a shareable piece of marketing material.

King & Drury company culture film tells the story through the perspective of the employees; it portrays the company ethos and in turn will attract the kind of people they’d like to employ.

On location we were lucky to have the perfect weather conditions. The sun was constantly shining on location and provided us with some stunning visuals.

King & Drury - Our Culture

King & Drury – Our Culture

King & Drury - Our Culture

King & Drury – Our Culture

As a company we have decided to start documenting our process on set with our clients. Here is an inside look into the behind the scenes of this shoot with King & Drury.

Showing off the company culture is becoming ever more popular as it serves two purposes, for future recruitment as well as great brand awareness tool. You truly get to to know the business and the people behind the brand.

Are you interested in a company culture film for your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.