Commercial Film: Video Marketing A New Product

Bringing a new product to market is no easy task. Having a concrete video marketing strategy tied in with a impactful commercial film will get the best results. There is no denying that a commercial film is a must have in every product launch to help communicate a clear message and engage your target audience.

Project Outline – Commercial Film Concept

The Event Professionals Journal is a product of Salone Events. Designed to help you put yourself first, gain perspective, recognise achievements, manage priorities, improve focus, excel your productivity, track your mood. Enabling you to be accountable for your own wellbeing.

The product was a finalist in an events industry innovation programme. To aid the pitch, they needed a professional commercial film and a suite of imagery for social platforms and website publication. A slide deck just wouldn’t convey the benefits of this product to senior industry professionals on the judging panel.

After our initial meeting their were clear set of aims and objectives that were set out.

. To ensure the commercial film is engaging.

. To ensure all the relevant information is portrayed in a one minute commercial film, suited for a presentation and social media advertisement.

. To ensure that the human element of the product was portrayed throughout the piece, showcasing the variety of people who will be using this product.

. To showcase all the uses of the journal within the commercial film.

Our Approach – Video Marketing Strategy

A brands first impression to market is extremely important. Launching with a commercial film will be the first glimpse of the product on social channels and presentations. Video marketing is crucial, captivating an audience in 60 seconds and to leave the audience wanting more is what we set out to do.

We took our ideas to the drawing board and landed on a concept which blew the client away.

We proposed that we showcased the journal in everyday situations, using real life ‘event professionals’ scenarios. The three ‘characters’ we wanted to portray were of a…

. Start up events planner

. Experienced events planner

. Senior events manager

Behind The Scenes

On set with our three characters.

In collaboration with Grant Ritchie Photography we decided to use three different events specialists across all levels of their careers allowed the commercial film to be relatable. This allowed us to humanise the business, to spark a human connection and to showcase the authenticity of the brand.  Characters, scenarios and locations signed off, it was time to start shooting the commercial film.

Production – Implement Our Video Marketing Strategy

The shoot was jam packed with two incredibly fun days of filming and photography. Taking us all over the south coast of England from Rume2 (a co-working space in in Chichester) to an AirBnB in the beautiful East-Wittering area. The team at Event Professionals Journal were keen to keep all locations local. To not only to give the journal an identity of where it was created but to also keep travel time down. 

Behind The Scenes

On set with the Event Professionals Journal team.

Behind The Scenes

On set with the Event Professionals Journal team.

The Result – Commercial Film Launch

After a busy few days on the cutting room floor we pulled together the Event Professionals Journal commercial film in time for the industry pitch. We are pleased to announce that the commercial film and photography we created made the difference to the pitch.

No other competitor made a commercial film to showcase their product, it made a big impact on the judges and the audience. We’re extremely happy to say that the Event Professionals Journal is now available worldwide.

Alongside the commercial film and photography, we decided to shoot a series of testimonials from a pool of professionals that had beta tested the journal. This was part of the video marketing strategy to help with further content for social channels once the product went live.

It was a fantastic experience bringing a product to market for the first time. We’re excited to be working with the Event Professionals Journal team moving forward to help widen the reach of the product.

A few kind words from the Event Professionals Journal team.

“RLW Film has been essential to my product launch. The content they have created is better than any I have ever seen, and the feedback I have had from people on it has all been outstanding. RLW Film was incredibly flexible and made my life a lot easier, and the ideas they generated and delivered were amazing. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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