Commercial Film: The New Automotive Brand On The Block

Launching a new automotive brand to the market isn’t easy. The competition is fierce, you need to ensure that you stand out by creating a commercial film.

Project Outline

Land Rover vehicles have always been synonymous with the field sports enthusiast and Kingsmen Editions have taken this to the next level by developing bespoke fit out features that elevate this luxury vehicle even further.

Kingsmen Editions is the ultimate country pursuits vehicle, they came to us for guidance on how to best launch their new vehicle into the online market.

kingsmen editions vehicle on set

It was clear after after our initial meetings that this was more than just a luxury vehicle, this was a lifestyle product.

Our Approach – Commercial Film Planning

The Kingsmen Editions team were looking for our guidance on how best to leverage the brand out to the world. First we had to define who their target audience would be, what were their interests, what social platforms were the on, if any?

Their target market are the keen field sports enthusiasts, a world wide audience who love all things field sports. An audience who would invest in brands who are specific to their needs. Stepping into the world of field sports is a lifestyle, which needed to be reflected in all elements of advertising.

kingsmen editions on set

A decision was made to best launch the brand we needed a hero commercial film, a film which would take the audience on a journey of a ‘day in a life’ of a field sport enthusiasts. This would help put the audience in the shoes of a Kingsmen Editions owner, to show off all aspects of the vehicle and most importantly showcase how it would make them feel.

The target audience also were positioned mainly on the Facebook & LinkedIN social platforms. Alongside the commercial film we wanted to create a series of optimised social media adverts alongside a suite of imagery to help tease the brand before we released the commercial film. It was great pleasure working in collaboration with Grant Ritchie Photography to ensure we produced the best product possible for the Kingsmen Editions team.

Production Day 1 – On Location

Digital products finalised, storyboards created, shooting schedule organised it was time to go into production.

The production was split up into two days. The first day consisting of a full ‘shoot day’ experience. The Cowdray Estate was the perfect backdrop location to film, the brown and green colours of the estate complemented the gun bullet grey colour of the Kingsmen Editions vehicle.

Kingsmen editions vehicle on set

The Kingsmen Editions team had a loyal community of enthusiasts who were happy to take part in this commercial film campaign. No stone unturned, from the outfits to the execution it was important to the brand to create an experience which is as authentic as possible, to humanise the business in reflection of a real shoot day.

Kingsmen Editions on set

Kingsmen Editions on set

Taking the Kingsmen Editions vehicle across varying terrines to enjoying a warm coffee out of the on board coffee machine it was a very successful first day of shooting.

Kingsmen editions on set

Kingsmen Editions on set

Production Day 2 – On Location

On the second day of production we spent the morning picking up the first sequence of the commercial film. Directing our main character getting ready for his shoot day, putting on his finest waist coat and tie, packing the gun draw and leaving his residence to head over to the Cowdray Estate.

Kingsmen Editions on set

The afternoon was spent in a local hanger to piece together our social media teasers. These teasers were used to highlight certain elements of the vehicle, to give it a mysterious look and feel to be used on the run up to launch the commercial film.

Kingsmen editions on set

The Result – Commercial Film Launch

After a month in post-production we were extremely excited to release the Kingsmen Editions digital products to the world. We’re continuing to work with the Kingsmen Editions brand closely to create continuous content for the brand moving forward. Take a look through the handful of social trailers as well as the finished commercial film below.

A few kind words from the Kingsmen Editions team.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with this team, not only was it an enjoyable experience for everyone, but the final output was fantastic and very professional.”

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