Chichester’s First Eco-Friendly Christmas

As we’re coming close to rounding out the year and the festive season is in full swing we wanted to showcase one of our most recent projects for the Chichester Cathedral.

The Chichester Cathedral Learning and Engagement department approached us to create a documentary on the social action group YASA, to help promote the positive impact they’re having on the local community. This documentary was made In collaboration with UK Harvest and the West-Sussex Young Carers group. The YASA group wanted to produce an ethical Christmas from scratch showcasing how easy it is to be more sustainable and more mindful of waste during the Christmas period. From creating their own decorations, gifts and cooking a full Christmas dinner, they did just that.

The project consisted of a main hero film, which is featured below.

The team at the Chichester Cathedral were very nice to give us a testimonial on how it was to work with us.

Check out the ‘behind the scenes of this project’ below.

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