Brand Film: Summer Camp Embracing Video Marketing

A brand film is a way of using video marketing to set your summer camp apart from the rest. Pioneering brands who are embracing video marketing are getting the best results. American summer camps have been around for over 100 years and with the ever growing competition it is important to ensure your digital platform best represents you as a business.

Project Outline – Brand Film

Canyon Creek Summer Camp is a sleep-away camp based in Los Angeles, California. They provide a safe, non-competitive environment where boys and girls build confidence and independence, learn teamwork and develop problem-solving skills.

We have been working with Canyon Creek Summer Camp since 2014, helping them to produce video content to help promote their unique experience for children from all over the world.

Filming at a summer camp

Understanding The Brand – Brand Film Development

Since day one, working with Canyon Creek Summer Camp we have been involved in the full experience of camp. Summer camp is a special place for a lot of people. It is a place for you to be yourself, grow, learn and build life long relationships. Canyon Creek Summer Camp is built on the foundations of family and respect, a defining message which is needed to be used across all video advertisement content.

The brand has two different target audiences. Campers and the parents of campers. All digital content including video needs to appeal to both audiences.

The summer camp experience is all about human connection and the relationships that are created. This is how Canyon Creek Summer Camp came to be a great success. Humanising the business was paramount to ensure we reflected the camp experience in film format. Through emotive storytelling we can bring authenticity and build trust to Canyon Creek Summer Camp’s audience.

children at a summer camp

Authenticity is crucial to video marketing a summer camp. It’s the authenticity and trust that keeps campers coming back year after year. These trademarks needed to be represented in a film to bring back returners as well as attract new campers.

Conceptualising The Idea

Producing a brand film which no one in the summer camp community had seen before was very important to all of us.

What makes Canyon Creek Summer Camp so special is the people. We wanted to create an engaging brand film which told the story of camp through the campers who live and breath Canyon Creek Summer Camp. Combining a narrative thread with cinematic imagery was the best approach.

children at a summer camp

Production – Time To Shoot The Brand Film

We spent two weeks at Canyon Creek Summer Camp to capture all of the elements we required to tell this story. Capturing go-karts, lake days, to night activities we wanted the viewer to come away with an insight into all the amazing experiences campers have at Canyon Creek Summer Camp.

filming at a summer camp

The narrative thread is what brought this film together. Combining a voiceover and real campers narrative took this brand film to the next level. A style of film which has never been done before in the summer camp world.

Children at summer camp

The Result – Brand Film Launch

Since releasing the brand film it has been a tremendous hit with the summer camp community. Being hosted on world leading summer camp staff recruiter website Camp America, to having a huge impact on Canyon Creek Summer Camp’s social channels. The brand film accumulated over 17,000 views in the first 24 hours. A tremendous success for a brand awareness piece for Canyon Creek Summer Camp.

After 6 years working closely with Canyon Creek Summer Camp we are extremely happy to be continuing our working relationship to create video content which resonates with their audiences.

A few kind words from the Canyon Creek Summer Camp team.

“Not only is the overall quality of their work impeccable, but working with RLW Film has been a joy. The quality of video you will receive is bar none and the experience you will get in working with RLW Film is even better”

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